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York Barbell Course Part 1

When you start training on the old York courses, you do ONE SET of each exercise in Course No. 1. You do 6 reps for the upper body exercises and 8-12 reps for the lower body exercises. You do the same number of reps in the following session. In the third session you do 7 reps for the upper body and an extra rep on each of the lower body moves. You repeat this in the fourth session…and then added another rep in the fifth session…and so on…until you were handling your original weight for approximately double the original amount of reps. Then you added a little bit of weight to the bar, reduced the reps, and worked back up again. Follow the course for 12 weeks and then move on to Course No. 2


York Barbell Course No. 1

Warm-up… Light Power Snatch

Curls 1 x 6
Overhead Press 1 x 6
Squats 1 x 8-12
Pullovers 1 x 6
Deadlifts 1 x 8-12
Bench Press 1 x 6
Side Bends 1 x 6
(Straddle Lift) Jefferson Lift 1 x 8-12
Rise on Toes (barbell on shoulders) 1 x 8-12
Straddle Hop (Barbell on shoulders) 1 x 6  ** I would skip this one.
Shrugs 1 x 6

Notes: Straddle Hop – is like jumping jacks but with bar on shoulders as if doing a squat.

Straddle Lift (Jefferson Lift) – A squatting movement. Straddle the bar, squat down, grab it with one hand in front of the body and one hand behind…keep back very straight (this is critical)…and do a squatting exercise.

Workout 2-3 times per week. 

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York Barbell Course Part 2

Here is the second of the four York Barbell Courses designed by Bob Hoffman.

The York courses were the standard for the majority of up and coming weight trainers back in the day.

Follow the course for 12 weeks and then move on to Course No. 3


York Barbell Course No. 2

Warm-up… Light Power Snatch

Reverse Curl 1 x 6
Overhead Press 1 x 6
Squats 1 x 8-12

Two Arm Press-in Wrestler’s Bridge Position1 x 6 ** I would skip this one
Deadlift 1 x 8-12
Sit-Ups 1 x 8-12
Bent-Over Rows 1 x 6
Leg Press or Front Squats 1 x 8-12
German “Goose” Step with Barbell on shoulders  (walking in place with barbell on shoulders) 1 x 8-12
Bench Press 1 x 6

Notes: Wrestler’s Bridge – Start with bodyweight only. Workout 2-3 times per week. As always, increase poundages whenever possible, eat right, get adequate rest, and drink lots of water.

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