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Tommy Kono was a tremendously talented weightlifter who was a world and Olympic champion for the United States back in the fifties.

Kono stated that back in 1952 when he was training for the Olympics (Kono won the lightweight gold medal that year), he would train three days a week on only four exercises, and equal or exceed world record totals during his training.

Kono was very outspoken at the time against the bodybuilding and lifting magazines that advocated heavy volume training. Kono insisted that the body responds better to brief workouts performed 2-3 times per week with less not more exercises. 


Tommy Kono power cleaning weight


Tommy Kono's Workout Routine: (3 times a week)

Press 8 x 3

Snatches 8 x 3

Cleans 6 x 1

Squats 3 x 3



Note: This is not an excuse to take it easy. Kono had a brief program like this because he lifted heavy weights. His body couldn’t handle any more exercise because of the amount of weight he did use. Singles, doubles and triples are not easy, they’re extremely difficult. Start out with what you can handle, as you get stronger, add more weight. As always, get plenty of sleep and good, healthy food.




Tommy Kono flexing        Tommy Kono wins a competition



Tommy Kono's Medals



Checkout his website at: http://www.tommykono.com/   for more information.