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Cases of teens being bullied are starting to get attention but as we all know this is nothing new.  Charles Atlas knew this all to well even back then as in his classic story of the kid being bullied on the beach who had enough and got in shape.

Charles Atlas AdIt has been my experience that when you're in shape you are least likely to be picked on. Bullies usually target someone they suspect will not strike back. When you're in shape chances are they're not going to take a chance on you opening a can of whoop ass on them in front of all their followers. Bullies usually look for skinny teens or overweight teens although there are bullies who will look for any flaw just to pick on someone. So if you're a bullied teen your last resort isn't taking a sawed off shot gun to school, it's building your body up. This will improve your confidence, get you in shape and make you better at sports even if you could care less about sports. At least when you have to play them you'll be more likely to excell in it. 

You don't have to change your life style. If you like comics keep reading them, whatever you like doing keep doing it. All I'm challenging you to do is exercise just 3 times a week and as far as dieting just avoid sugar (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, maple syrup, sugary cereals, and other sugar products). In no time you will look and feel better. When the bullies see the difference they'll know better than to mess with you. So you're probably asking what workout and how do I do it? Is this a sales gimmick? Well I'm not going to sell you this workout because to be honest with you I don't like bullies and would like nothing better than to get all of you in shape so you can live a healthier and happier life. Checkout the workout here: http://rippeder.com/content/rippeders-beginner-workout-teens