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His 1982 arms workout routine in preparation for Mr. Olympia:

  • Dips and V bar chin, 3x20 each
  • Tricep Curls, 6x20 superset with Barbell Curls 6x20
  • Barbell Preacher Bench Curls 5x20(heavy) 5x20 (light) superset with Dumbell Preacher Bench Curls, 10x15
  • One Arm Tricep Pushdowns, 5-6x15-20
  • Kickbacks, 5-6x15-20
  • Horizontal Tricep Extension, 5-6x15-20
  • Verticle Tricep extension, 5-6x15-20
  • Dips, 1x50

Sergio Oliva Wide Grip Curls


Sergio Oliva standing dumbell tricep extensions

Sergio Oliva doing standard barbell curls



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