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"If you do my training program, you don’t need to do cardio. Fat loss depends of what you are eating." – Serge Nubret

How He Ate

Serge never ate breakfast in the morning as he was training his abdominal and legs but he ate a lot during the night (around 10 or 11 pm). He never drank protein shakes because he’s a person that’s able to eat and have an appetite due to his workout methods. Depending on what his body and mind felt, Serge would sometimes eat in the afternoon and cover the rest of his caloric needs in the evening. He ate a lot. I mean a lot. From up to 8 pounds of horse meat usually in one sitting. During his competition days when he was training 5 hours a day. During his prime years(30’s) he ate horse meat but in his later years he switched to eating beef.



Serge never counted how much grams of protein he should eat a day. But if he had to guess, it would be around 600g of protein during his competition days. But when asked about how much a person consume for his training, he stated 3 grams of protein per pound of weight and lesser carbs. Serge believed if you ate a lot of proteins, you won’t lose muscles but gained instead. Serge’s diet was similar to Ketogenic diets or know as Keto diets but he never really compared his diet to Keto diets. When asked about advocating Ketogenic diets, he doesn’t answer back.

Serge had a housekeeper that would prepare his meals for him. Serge did not know the exact recipes or how she prepared his meals but he says just find any source on how to cook beef and you’ll get the answer. He used salt, pepper and garlic for his selection of spices and he said to use the garlic how ever you wanted to from powdered, sauteed, dried, etc. When he did prepare his meals, he cooked his red meat by grilling and sometimes he would boiling it with a lot of spices. He liked using a lot of spices since he is from the Caribbean. If you’re having trouble consuming the amount whole foods you need, don’t feel too bad by using protein powders.

If you’re having problems about getting fat or a bigger waist because of your eating proportions, you’re probably lacking in the workout department.



How much? Not much is referenced from Serge on how much carbs you should have. But when asked about a male’s diet of  with a 100 grams(g) of carb diet a day, Serge said 100g would burn off fast so not much worry there. The male was he’s 5’11.5'' and weigh 220lbs. In Serge’s case, he ate 3/4 kg of red meat with rice, beans and lentils and never a lot of vegetables. His body never “told” him an exact amount of carbs he should consume. His body, mind and spirit were linked together. Therefore, he ate whatever his body needed.

He took multivitamins (as most have a bit of carbs in it) and minerals because he was not eating too much fruits or vegetables. How much multivitamins and minerals was not stated.

Pizza was never out of the question. If Serge’s body asked to eat it, he would. This leads to the fact that his diet could lend him to eat anything he wanted which is very interesting if you’ve ever tried his diet and workout methods. I sure have.

Serge did not like drinking coffee but he drank it before training for motivation. He stopped consuming it (caffeine) later in life but did not specify when. He never drank alcohol and he never tried.



Serge tried to sleep as much as he could but he would often get about 7 to 8 hours a night.

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