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Rocky Marciano loved to exercise. 

He trained using a custom made 300lbs punching bag. 

He used a speed bag but not like you would expect, he would hit it with hooks and slow power shots to work on his accuracy.

He would power clean a heavy stone and toss it forward with both hands.

He did crunches that also combined kicking a heavy medicine ball out to the trainer

He liked to run uphill in training (full speed) and then run backwards back down. Did this over and over.

He was known to do two hours of continuous calisthenics.

Sometimes Rocky went shoulder deep in a swimming pool and threw hundreds of underwater punches for about 45 minutes. 

Jogged 6-7 miles every morning.( His uncle,Charlie Piccento, said he even did this on Christmas mornings as well.) Ben Bently, Rocky's press agent, said after signing for a fight he would increase to 9-10 miles. And then the last week before a fight he would increase 12-15 miles. And all this in hilly country! 

When training for a fight he was like a Monk - He secluded himself from wife and family sometimes up to 3 months before a fight, watched his diet, weight and muscle tone. A week before a fight he would see no mail, take no calls, meet no new acquaintances, not even shake hands (probably to avoid getting sick) or go for a car ride, and no new foods. 

Archie moore - "...he just had more stamina than anyone else in those days. He was like a bull with gloves." 

Rocky Marciano knocks out Joe Luis

Rocky hitting heavy bag

Rocky throws devastating punch

Another knockout for Rocky