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Below is a qoute from Robby Robinson’s book The Black Prince, he describes the workout routines he and the other champions used at Gold’s Gym back in the golden era of 1970's:


…everyone was grouping body parts and working a three-days-on, one-day-off routine.  They were using three to four exercises for legs on a Monday, three exercises for chest and three for back on Tuesday, and nine total exercises for shoulders and arms on Wednesday.  With Thursday off, the cycle would begin again on Friday for their leg workouts.  Everyone in the gym was following the same training routine…”


Later on, he describes the chest and back workout:


“We started with chins and alternated them with the flat bench presses for five sets.  The next exercises were the incline barbell press and the T-bar row for our backs and then dumbbell flies and long pulley rows.  We finished with a barbell pullover press or across a bench with a dumbbell, to chisel in the wide back taper to a small waist look…with only 35 sets, I wasn’t doing nearly as many exercises and it wasn’t as draining as some of my total-body workouts, but it was brutal, with more intensity compressed in half the sets.  This is where I first learned the value of short, sweet, intense workouts.


Robby Robinson posing off against Ken Waller


You can get an autographed copy of Robby's book, The Black Princeon his website. The book has a lot information.