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Warm up: parallel bar dips and chins in super set style. He would do three super sets of as many reps as he could manage.

Seated barbell press behind the neck:

12 reps for the first set. After a short rest and adding twenty pounds he did another twelve reps. The third set was eight reps with and additional twenty pounds. The fourth set he kept the same weight for eight reps. The fifth set was six reps with the same weight. The final and six set was done for twelve strict reps with a reduced weight.

Seated bent over laterals:

5 sets of 15 reps. 

Seated dumbell press:

4 sets using 12 reps in each movement *

Standing laterals:

4 sets using 12 reps in each movement *

*Use a light weight (he used 30 to 35 pounds emphasizing strict form rather than heavy weight). 

Rick Wayne shoulder presses with dumbbells

Rick Wayne on the cover of Muscle Builder Power