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From interview by Osmo Kiiha of The Iron Master (IM).

IM:  "How about a sample routine from the 1950s?"

Reg:  "I didn't have a favorite workout routine.  I have done every routine and every exercise in the book, but like most advanced trainers, I have found what exercises and what routines give me the best results.  What is good for one man isn't necessarily good for somebody else.  My bodyweight fluctuated between 230 and 245 during those years.  Here is a routine I used around 1956-1957 with good results:"

Deltoids and Upper Back

- Press Behind Neck 4-10 Sets, 5 Reps.

- Heavy Bent arm Lateral Raises 5-10 Sets, 10 Reps


- Bench Press 5-10 Sets, 2 Reps (That's Right 2 Reps!)


- Squat 5 Sets, 5 Reps (of all exercises, this one was my favorite.)

- Hack Lift 5 Sets, 5 Reps


- Barbell Curl 5 Sets, 5-8 Reps

- Incline Dumbbell Curls 5 Sets, 5-8 Reps


- French Press - I did these standing and lying on the bench.


- Calf Machine 25 Reps, Many Sets.

- Donkey Calf Raises 25 Reps, Many Sets


- High Pullups 5-8 Sets, 3 Reps.

- Power Clean 5-8 Sets, 3 Reps.

- Chins Behind Neck 5-8 Sets, 5-8 Reps (weights tied to waist.)

Waist and Trunk Area

- Leg Raises and Side Bends 100 or more Reps.


"I alternated upper and lower body exercises on different days.  I worked each muscle group for approximately one half hour.  I also practiced forces breathing between sets.  I also feel that one must have the right mental attitude when working out.  You must drive yourself hard all of the time.  Don't fool around, keep talk to a minimum, maybe a joke or wisecrack to ease the tension.  Relax completely between exercises and concentrate only on the weight when exercising.  Have one or two training partners to assist you, if possible.  I also disliked working out in front of mirrors."


Dave Draper, Reg Park and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dave Draper, Reg Park and Arnold Schwarzenegger.