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For those of you who aren't familiar with Reg Park he was Arnold Schwarzenegger's idol. Reg Park won the Mr. Universe competition in 1951, 1958 and 1965. He also did several Hercules movies. He competed in the pre-steroid era at a weight of about 250 pounds and was 6', 1’’ tall.


So what was his diet?


Here is a sample of Reg Park's diet:


Breakfast: A glass of fresh orange juice Fruit: paw-paw (papaya) & banana,

Cooked Oatmeal (large soup plate full) with full cream/whole milk & fresh cream

A plate of bacon, eggs, tomato and toast

A couple of cups of tea


Lunch: Large bowl of soup (tomato, pea, minestrone etc.) with rye bread

Cooked vegetables

Beef steak


A couple of cups of tea with some chocolate

Also wine or milk stout (like Guinness)


Supper: Same as lunch.


(Reg would consume Milk stout/Guinness as an aid when he needed to gain weight)

Reg Park as Hercules

In an interview with Reg by Osmo Kiiha, Reg was asked about his diet:"What type of diet did you follow?


Reg: I liked to eat like a king, but only food that was good for me. I ate prodigious amounts of food during the day, but adhered to a very balanced diet with everything in proper proportions. My favorite food is steak, which I sometimes eat twice a day. I also like salads, orange juice and wine. I have a wine cellar in my home. I also have used protein supplements and take vitamin and mineral tablets.


In an article in "Iron Man Magazine, Earle Liedeman wrote the following about Reg Park: "Reg Park of England wins a good second to Mac Batchelor with his speed. Once, when dining with Reg, he gargled three large plates of vegetable soup, then gulped chucks from his extra large and thick steak without his teeth sinking into the meat once, apparently, next stuffed many side dishes of vegetables into his ever open mouth and these include an extra large pair of baked potatoes, a huge bowl of salad, three glasses of milk and the last, the piece de resistance, a big dish of ice cream with cake. And all this, mind you, in about ten minutes. Gee! I've seen hungry bloodhounds gobble down food, but Reg Park wins a can of fried grasshoppers as second place for amount, and first place for speed."


There you have it. He didn't have a scale for his food or worry about carbohydrate intake. He didn't carry around a gallon of water where ever he went or protein shakes. He ate real food and weight trained right.

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