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Reports have been coming in of the death of Nasser El Sonbaty on March 20th. He was one of the top bodybuilders of 90's. Flex, Muscle Mag and Wikipedia.org have reported his death. Some reports are that he died in his sleep in Egypt.

Nasser El Sonbaty and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nasser and Dorian flexing.



Guillermo Tom had this to say to clarify what happened to nasser:

“Nasser had been ill for sometime. In November he was admitted to the hospital here in San Diego for breathing problems. It was then that he was diagnosed with heart failure and kidney damage. He was on dialysis from that day on. The doctors told him he was not a candidate for a heart transplant because his heart was too weak. He went back to Egypt to visit his family, which consisted of his mother, father and one sister. He died in his sleep while in Egypt. Whether or not it was caused by any of the illnesses I mentioned, we do not yet know. That’s the true story.”