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Arm Routine

Monday and Thursday

1. Pressdowns

2. Dips 1 cycle

3. Extensions – 2 sets

4. Regular curls

5. Chins 1 cycle

6. Preacher curls – 2 sets


The first two exercises should be done together with no rest between. The third exercise, extensions, can follow after a minimal rest. Do one cycle of the first two exercises and two sets maximum for the third. That will give you a total of four sets for the triceps.

The set protocol is the same for the biceps. Perform one cycle of the regular curls and chins with absolutely no rest between the two. After doing one cycle of these first two biceps exercises, do a maximum of two sets of the preacher curls: a total of four sets for the biceps.


Shoulder Routines

I train my delts on Tuesdays and Saturdays after my back work. They should be warmed up from the back work, but do a few light warm-up exercises for the delts if you think it necessary.

Routine #1

1. Side lateral raise

2. Press behind neck 2 cycles

3. Bent over raise – 2 sets

Routine #2

1. Frontal raise

2. Press behind neck 1 cycle

3. Side lateral raise

4. Bent over raise

5. Press behind neck 1 tri-set

Chest and Back Routines

I work my back and chest on separate days, the chest on Monday and Thursday, along with triceps and legs; and the back on Tuesday and Friday, along with delts and biceps.

Chest Routine #1

1. Dumbbell flyes

2. Inclines Press1-2 cycles

3. Dips – 1-2 sets

Chest Routine #2

1. Incline press – 1 set

2. Dumbbell flyes

3. Dips 2 cycles

Back Routine #1

1. Straight arm pulldown

2. Close grip underhand pulldown 2 cycles

3. Rows – 2 sets

4. Shrugs

5. Upright rows 2 cycles

Back Routine #2

1. Close grip underhand pulldown 2 sets

2. Straight arm pulldown

3. Rows – 2 sets

4. Shrugs

5. Upright rows 2 cycles

Leg Routines

Leg Routine #1

1. Leg extensions

2. Squats

3. Negative-accentuated leg press1 tri-set

4. Leg curls – 2 sets

5. Toe press – 3 sets

Leg Routine #2

1. Leg extensions

2. Leg press1 cycle

3. Squats

4. Leg curls – 2 sets

5. Standard calf raise on machine – 2 sets

6. Toe press – 1 set


1.Select weights in your exercises that allow for at least six to eight strict reps. If you have a partner, have him help youforce out two more.

2.There should be absolutely no rest between exercises listed as a cycle or a tri-set.

3.Never do more work than listed. Work the legs no more than twice a week and don’t perform more sets than I havelisted.

4.Because of the delicacy of the knees, it is important that you perform all exercises in a slow and deliberate manner.

5.Carry every set to a point of positive failure at least, where you can no longer raise the weight for a full rep, everyworkout.

6.Perform negative-accentuated exercise once a week for the legs.

7.Warm-up the knees and legs with a few light sets before training.

8.Alternate the listed routines as often as you desire. The important thing is that you adhere to the basic tenets of theHeavy Duty Training System at all times.

9.The routines can be used by beginners and advanced bodybuilders alike. The intensity generated during the workoutswill vary according to the inpidual’s existing level of strength and development.