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Miesha Tate is one of the best female MMA fighters and is currently coaching this seasons UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 18 against rival coach Ronda Rousey. Her MMA training keeps her body toned year round. Below are five exercises she uses for burning fat:

Miesha Tate doing curls

Staying in shape
Miesha Tate says: ‘I run a lot to keep my weight down, but I also love doing CrossFit workouts and outdoors activities like hiking and skiing. The thing I love about MMA though is that it’s not really like a workout when you’re doing it. Sometimes when you go to a traditional gym, it can get tedious and boring, but when you do MMA you’re learning. It’s constantly new and interesting and you’re likely to keep going back, which is important, as consistency is key to staying fit. It’s so good for women trying to stay in shape for that reason.’

Train like a champion
Miesha has to weigh in at 135lb when she is fighting, so it’s essential to keep her fat levels to a minimum. Here are Miesha’s top five fat-burning exercises. Perform them in a circuit with no rest to boost your endurance, too. Repeat the circuit four times.

1. Squats
• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
• Keeping your back straight and your shoulders back, bend at your knees and hips, taking your bottom down as if you are sitting on a chair, until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
• Push up through your heels to extend back to your starting position.
• Do 5 reps with dumbbells in each hand by your sides

2. Twists with medicine ball
• Sitting on the floor, lift your feet off the ground slightly and lean your body back to a forty-five degree angle, keeping your core tight and back straight.
• Holding a medicine ball in each hand, rotate your trunk and touch the medicine ball lightly on the floor on each side, alternating with each rep.
• Do 10 alternating reps

3. Kickboxing pad or bag work
• Use a mixture of punches, knees and kicks on the punchbag or with a partner holding pads for you. Make sure you work at a high intensity, using full power.
• Keep it up for 2 minutes

4. Interval runs
• Do a 30-second sprint, followed by a 30-second fast walk, then a 30-second sprint, followed by a 30-second slow walk.

5. Explosive clap press-up
• Start with your arms straight and your body in a plank position.
• Keeping your core tight, and your body in a straight line from your shoulders to your toes, bend your arms to lower your chest until it almost touches the ground.
• From this position, extend your arms as you explode off the ground. Perform one clap, and then go straight into the next rep. To increase the difficulty, explode both your hands and feet off the ground with each rep.
• Do 5 reps

Miesha Tate striking a pose