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Maurice Jones also known as the "Canadian Hercules" was an old-time, classic physique builder. Although he was not a physique contest competitor, he was regularly featured as an example of a well-rounded weight trainer in John McCallum’s writings.

Maurice stood 5´9 and weighed 200 pounds in his prime (all natural, no drugs). He started weight training in the 1930´s at the age of 17. In an interview in 1997, he stated “As a kid I was sickly. I can remember the awful colds I used to have. I wasn’t that healthy, so that’s what made me embark on some kind of training regimen, and one thing led to another.”

He was an advanced trainer, who used more abbreviated routines and strict exercise style.

Below is his workout routine:


Calisthenics, bending, arm waving, and pushups on the steep board.


Military Press - 3 sets, superset with

Curls 3 sets (rest a minute between supersets)

Rowing - 3 sets, alternate with

Bench Press – 3 sets

Squat 1 set 12 reps (he would use 400 pounds).

In between Sets: He would rest a minute. He would not sit down.

He also did hiking on the weekends and would have an additional 30 or 40 pounds in his Rucksack. So he got plenty of leg work. Sometimes he reduced the weight on the squat and increased the reps. Maurice always used a strict style while training.

Asked about his diet, Maurice said it “was just very plain. I’m afraid that I just qualify as a meat and potatoes man.”

Maurice Jones upper body


Maurice Jones Triceps  Maurice Jones arms crossed