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Marvelous Marvin Hagler was the toughest and best middle weight boxer and undisputed champion of the late 1970's - 1980's. He was undisputed champion from 1980 - 1987. If you watch his fights on youtube you will see that he was in excellent condition for every fight and back then fights were 15 rounds. Below you will see what he did to achieve his level of conditioning.


According to the "Ring Magazine" article, Hagler does the following:

"Six to eight miles on the beach at Cape Cod where he trained, then he went into "solitary till six in the evening. At six, he went to the gym they'd set up alongside the pool at a hotel nearby.


Jumping rope, heavy bag, speed bag, several rounds each, but one strict rule was adhered to: three minutes work, one minute rest, for all of it. Sit-ups, too; three minutes work, one minute rest.


Then the sparring. Marvin had to have several sparring partners in camp with him because he used them up with such regularity. He even beat his own half-brother Robbie Sims with equal malice. No familial considerations given. "Marvin don't ease up on you," said longtime sparring partner and world champion to be Buster Drayton, "he comes to work."


He had to put an old baseball cap on his head backwards before putting on the headgear, to prevent chafing his eyebrows, then he was ready. The procession of three to four sparring partners went two rounds each before slumping off. Drayton also said that his sparring mates would leave the ring with the insides of their mouths so chewed up from Hagler's blows they couldn't eat dinner that night.


After that, he was done. The workouts were open to the public, so he'd remove his gear, toss a nod to the audience, and return to the self-imposed solitary confinement. Those working with him in camp remark that he wouldn't mix with others as some might. He stayed in his room, and could be seen frequently sitting alone on his balcony staring out at the Cape for long periods at a time. Not a hell of a lot else to do, I guess."

Marvin Hagler hitting the speed bag.

Marvin Hagler hitting the speed bag


Marvin Hagler jumping rope

Marvin Hagler jumping rope


Marvin win another fight

Marvin Hagler wins another fight