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Ken McCord trained 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The week days were split workouts so in the morning at 5:30am he trained upper body then at night he would do lower body, this would be done on all 3 days.

Sundays were a basic all round light workout which would have been great for recovery. He was also a brown belt in Karate and ran 1 to 2 miles most days. Bodybuilders in those day tended to be a little more interested in being athletic.

The lifts mostly used were the basic bodybuilding movements of the day, with a variety of exercises used per body part to hit them from all angles. He also changed his routines every 4 to 6 weeks to keep shocking his muscles. 

The repetition range was around 8 to 10 and the sets in each exercise were kept low at around 3, however he would do 3 to 4 different exercises per muscle group to hit the targeted muscle from all angles. He also used a close grip on exercises such as incline benches, e-z bar curls and tricep presses.


Ken doing Dumbbell Rows


Ken McCord training shoulders


Ken doing e-z bar curls