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From Article in Strength & Health Magazine - August, 1962


There have been no secret exercises, no complex formulas - just the basic training. For you readers who are interested, Harold does the following exercises in the following order:


3 Sets Barbell Press Behind Neck

6 Sets of Barbell Bench Press, Wide Grip

3 Sets of Barbell Rowing

3 Sets of Chins Behind Neck

3 Sets of Cheating Barbell Curl

5 Sets of Triceps Kickbacks

3 Sets of Front Squats

6 Sets of Donkey Calf Raises

1 Set of Sit-ups


Harold performs all of his exercises with no more than six repetitions per set, with the exception of calves and abdominals, with which he handles about thirty per set.He feels that this type of program is best suited to him at this time, because separation has never been a problem for him. These exercises are followed twice a week during a season of competition, thrice a week out of season and four times a week prior to a contest.


Harold Poole






this is actually one of my

this is actually one of my favorite workouts but its incomplete

the end of the workout finishes with 6 sets of donkey calf raises and 1 set of sit ups

he also states six repetitions per set.

Just thought Id add that.