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George Eiferman's Advanced Routine consists of 11 exercises that are done, in general, for 3 sets of 7-10 reps. George’s routine emphasizes mass and power building.


He would use this routine 3 times a week and wouldrest for several (2 to 3) minutes in between sets. His program included the set series, flushing, cheating, and peak contraction principles. The “set series” principle is pretty much what it sounds like – that exercises are done in a series of sets rather than just doing one set per exercise (which was the standard before the pre-roid Golden Age).


The flushing principle refers to doing all the exercises for a body part together (one after the other). This is common practice today, but prior to the Golden Age, it was the practice to spread out exercises for the same body part in the routine in order to give that body part a chance to rest before doing another exercise for it. The cheating principle refers to using a looser style with a bit of body swing in order to use heavier weights to stimulate more muscle growth. The peak contraction principle refers to the practice of mindfully contracting the muscles hard at the peak of the movement. Aside from these principles, George would adjust his training poundages according to how he felt that day. If he had extra energy, he would use heavier weights. If he had less energy than usual, he would use a bit lighter weights. Of course, George also followed a high protein diet and got lots of rest between workouts so that he could put everything into his workouts!


Here is his routine:


1. Hack Squats 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

2. Bench Press* 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

3. Bent Arm Flyes 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

4. Standing Side Lateral Raise 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

5. Alternate Dumbbell Press 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

6. Cheating One Arm Rowing 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

7. Cheating Barbell Curl 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

8. DB Concentration Curl 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

9. DB Wrist Curl 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

10. Side Bends w/ Kettlebell 3 Sets 7-10 Reps

11. Sit Ups (bodyweight only) 3 Sets 8-12 Reps


* George would vary his grip at each workout from narrow, to regular, to wide grips.


George Eiferman one arm barbell shoulder press

George Eiferman one handed barbell shoulder press (plus playing a trumpet).