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Lats and Arms:

- Wide grip chins 5x6-8 reps

- Long pulley lat exercise 5x10 reps

- Straight arm Pullover 5x10reps

- Lat Pulley Pull-ins 5x10 reps

- Incline Dumbbell Curls 5x10 reps

- Preacher curl 4x10 reps

- Gironda Bicep bench curl 4x10 reps

- Concentration Curl 4x10 reps

- One arm Seated triceps press 6x10 reps

- Triceps ext. on long pull 5x10 reps

- Lat bar triceps ext 5x10 reps

- Supine reverse grip press 5x10 reps


Tuesday and Friday

Chest and Shoulders:

- Decline Dumbbell press 5x10 reps

- Decline pulley flys 5x10 reps

- Reverse grip dips 5x8-10 reps

- Incline Pulley flys 5x8-10 reps

- Seated dumbbell press 6x10 reps

- Seated Behind the neck press 5x6-10 reps

- Standing lateral raises 5x10 reps

- Alternate front raises 5x10 reps

- One arm incline raises 4x10 reps


Every other day

Legs and abs:

- Toe raises on calf machine 5x25-50 reps

- Roman chair squats 5x20-30 reps

- Gironda ab squeezes x max

Don Peters training at gym


Don Peters most muscular pose   Don Peters standing relaxed


Don Peters in bodybuilding competition


Don Peters with his family

Don Peters with family outside of Vince's Gym




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