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I was training with Sylvester for 5 months with a daily routine of 2 hours of bodybuilding training in morning. We were training a different muscles split, usually 2 muscle groups, and then we did 2 hours of boxing in afternoon. The weight training was very intense and together with the boxing, I became very cut.


There were a lot of changes from when I did martial arts. We really didn't have anything like a nutrition plan back then but we did practice carb loading before every fight. We would eat more protein and no carbs for 3, 4, even up to 5 days to deplete the body and then would carb up with complex carbs the day before the fight. But for this role it was different.

Sylvester Stallone was very good with nutrition and he put me on a much higher protein diet with less carbs and less fat. He also had me eating 5 to 6 meals per day with supplementation. I was living the life of a bodybuilder, and I actually continued training and eating like this for about 5 years around that time.

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