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I read an article and thought they might be of interest to my fans. The University of California findings on the effects of Triclosan on muscle contraction seemed to impair heart and skeletal muscle contractility in living animals. The study was done on fish and mice. Triclosan is an anti-bacterial chemical found in soaps, tooth pastes, hand sanitizers and other household items. Mice given a single dose of Triclosan had 18% reduction in grip strength for over an hour after only 20 minutes from being given the dose. Also mice had up to a 25% reduction in heart function within 20 minutes of being exposed to Triclosan. They cautioned however that these results may not mean that humans will also experience these effects but some experts believe it does affect humans. This chemical has been around for 40 years and more tests will be needed to see to what extent it may negatively affect humans. The FDA and the EPA are reviewing Triclosan but they say so far there isn't enough evidence to ban it. Well after I read this the first thing I did was check my soap ingredients and other products. I don't know about you but in my opinion I'm not going to risk taking something that might make me weaker or weaken my heart. I added the links to sources referenced if you want to read some more about the topic.