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Charles Atlas


Charles Atlas daily exercise routine he maintained until about age 77:

  • 50 knee bends
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 300 push-ups
  • Daily run on the beach

The last 2 years of his life he spent reading the bible and running on the beach.

This is a quote from the book "Yours in Pefect Manhoond," by Charles Gaines on Charles Atlas' daily routine:



"His days began before seven with a cup of warm water and lemon juice and twenty-five minutes of his exercises done naked before a mirror. Then he would shower and breakfast on bananas and grapefruit juice. He generally arrived at his office on 23rd Street shortly after noon and would lunch there, surrounded by twenty-one photographs of himself, on figs and prunes. His work in the afternoon consisted of reading and answering mail, and receiving the visitors who came from all over the country and the world, often just to find out if there really was a flesh and blood Charles Atlas. Atlas relished these visits: He would sit behind his desk bending spikes or taking off his shirt for people if he were asked, and discoursing on strength as a sacred way of life.


Three afternoons a week he would go up to the New York Athletic Club where he would run a few miles or swim, do handstands, box or bowl, play handball or badmitten. Then back in Brooklyn, he would eat a broiled steak with fresh fruit and vegetables for dinner, listen to a little Rossini or Verdi, do twenty-five more minutes of Dynamic Tension before a mirror, and go to sleep. With very little variation, Charles Atlas lived practically evey day of his adult life in this way, and loved every minute of it.


He loved his life because he believed in it, and himself, with a religious intensity. Like other men who have undergone the enormous labor of re-creating themselves out of whole cloth, Atlas imposed an almost monastic strictness on himself which defined his re-creation and articulated its significance."


Those words by Charles Gaines sum up the real Charles Atlas, who was a simple and humble man who wanted others to achieve their goals of self-improvement and health.


Charles Atlas strong in his 70's


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