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A young girl killed herself after poor choices and bullying made her feel like life just wasn't worth living anymore. Her name was Amanda Todd and she was only 15 years old. Bodybuilding or strength training would not have helped her situation. Courage is what would've helped not from her but those around her who didn't stand up a defend her. This happens all to often, someone is getting picked on and crowd gathers around and watches. Just watches. Now if you're lifting weight and you're a strong man or woman then what the hell are you scared of? Tell the bully to fuck off.

An advantage of being big and strong is that people tend to leave people who look strong alone. They won't mess with you or your friends. So if you notice someone in school being bullied, eating alone, or very quiet make an effort to be friends with them. If they get harassed on facebook well be a friend on their facebook or add them as a friend to your facebook. Network in your school be friends with the big guys and the bullied kids. There is strength in numbers and you won't even have to get physical. Another advantage of having networked in school is that it will help you later on when you're looking for work.

That bullied on kid will remember you and may help refer you in his company. You never know. It's going to take all of us to end bullying once and for all. It needs to stop now. If your efforts fail then let somebody in the school know, they will be discrete if you ask for confidentiality. If you're being bullied don't give up, things will get better. Be strong and hang in there, your time to shine will come.

Below is a moving youtube video Amanda Todd made before committing suicide.