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*All of these are quotes from Serge Nubret's postings on several bodybuilding forums directly from the man himself*

*English is not Serge's first language so the grammar and sentence structure can be difficult to read sometimes*


1.) "I am here just to tell the truth, what I can think to come here to all of you to lye. I am 68 years old now, and not be pay by any one to come, it is why I preferred to pass by the window than pass by any body presentation. So now I know nearly every one of you.
I have been training with 30/40/50 sets by body part twice a week. Set of 12 to 20 reps. with 30 second rest between set, so it is impossible to train with very heavy weights. I use for example to do 225 kg max on bench press and I trained with only 70/100kg.
Monday -Thursday = Chest and quad
Tuesday - Friday = Back and legs bicep
Wednesday - Saturday = Shoulders - Triceps/biceps - Calf
Abs every day for at lease 30 minutes no stop"


2.) "Yes but even my weight training is a kind of cardio too 40 sets of 12 to 20 reps with 3O seconds rest between set that is like cardio too. It is why I am still there."


3.) " Normally I do 75 min abd every day so I don't have to diet, I hate to diet, or cut my salt. I never did."

4.) "I do for one full hour no stop 2000 sit ups and then 6 set of leg rise. 50/60/70/80/90/100 reps going 1 more each set. THAT'S ALL"


5.) "Do you really think that I will eat a lot of protein powder and then a lot of meat too? Protein powder is made for people who cannot eat a lot of meat. So I never use protein powder, but I use to eat about 3/4 kg of horse meat every day"


6.) "Yes I always used high volume and high reps, just see my routine program that I posted yesterday"


7.) "I build my foundation all my childhood periods because I am coming from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean"


8.) "If you train hard as I did, don't worry the appetite will be there. Try my training routine and your appetite will come"


9.) "Just a lot of red meat and some beans and rice and 4/5 hours of training"


10.) 'No, the difference of the body today is not about the training, it is about what you taking.
You know more you train more you product TESTO so I have to train hard then, but you don't have to, if you use it artificially.
It is exactly the same thing about the chickens in the fields and chicken of the factory."

Classic Serge Nubret Pose

11.) "Yes it is better to keep training even if your muscle is still sore."


12.) "No I have not anything to had about that. The only thing I never read article that wrote people or scientists who does not even try one day what they are writing about. You know I know one thing: we have a conscience which is more or less our physical part of each of us, and we have a subconscious which is our part coming from GOD or pIN; so I prefer to listen this last part of myself which is INSTINCT but for that you need that your 3 powers are to be in perfect communion. Those 3 powers are : Your MIND POWER which is your determination, then your EMMOTIONNEL POWER which is the love you make in what you are doing, those 2 first POWERS are coming from your inside they are more POWERFULL than the 3rd one which is you PHYSICAL POWER which is an outside one so less important, because the 2 first one control him, so dependant of them. It's difficult for me to explain this in English, I wrote a book about that call "I AM...ME AND GOD" "

13.) "To be tired it is only in your mind."


14.) "Yes has been ask, but again, every set to FAILURE"


15.) "I said about it already too. I don't want to repeat myself over and over. I said that I eat when my body ask to. So how can I tell you hour after hour what I am eating, I am a BB of the passed, not those where everything is calculated as they don't exist as a person, but as a machine.
I said too that I eat red meat and beans and rice. So if you want to know more how you should eat and when, please read FLEX."


16.) "I never used supplements. I eat when my body ask me to."


17.) "I never eat oatmeal in my life, I never eat breakfast as I was doing leg and abs every morning. But I eat a lot in the evening so I had enough calories to train during the morning. Not to many hours of rest at night, I mean sleep but just rest and relax."


18.) "Try by yourself and you will know.
As i said before i had the possibility to put the weight i want into my mind so i did not really need the weight. That means every set i'm able to go to failure."


19.) "When you start to loose the pump it's time to stop."


20.) "Normally when I train, I am very concentrated, and don't see any body, and I look so "MECHANT" sorry I don't know the word in English, maybe someone can translate. That nobody want to come next to me."


21.) "That depend what you call overtraining. For me it is very rare to overtrain if you eat good and don't train a small muscle like arms pore than 30 sets. Often people think that the overtrain because they are lazy so they have to find an excuse to stop training."


22.) "That depends which kind of life you had and still have. First I was pretty natural, and when I started bbing I was pretty strong too, and I come from a very healthy family. I never trained with heavy weight, so no joints problems, I have always be eating very natural, never protein powder, never smoke, never drink alcohol. I am still doing the same thing years after years, and my arm measurement is still 21 inches at 68 years old."


23.) "I think that when you think only about the doctor, you feel sick already. 80% of sickness are psychosomatic and the rest are coming from accident.
So I never think about sickness or doctors. I feel great until when?...GOD knows."


24.) "Yes, and you have to choose a weight that you can do a max of 20 reps and then you do 8 sets of 12 reps but with 30 seconds rest."


25.) "Not feeling the pump, is often because of what you eat 24 hours before or how many rest the muscle got."


26.) "With my training you don't need to diet. You need to eat a lot of natural food like red meat, chicken, rice, lentils, beans......a little bit less calories that you spend a day. I never diet in my life, never stop taking salt or whatever, I knew that I was spending about 4 to 5000 calories a day so I was eating about 3700 or 4700 calories a day that all. Dieting had put you in bad moon. I never have to loose more than 7 kg when I was competing."


27.) "It is with people like you that this sport will never grow. "When you say, everything and anything to be pro, do you mean even to turn HOMO?..."


28.) "Myself I used to eat as much I could, but only twice a day. And really good food, try to eat 2 kg of lean meat a day and some rice, lentil, no sweet things and no fat at all. and follow my training."


29.) 'Look at the cows they eat all the day. Now look at the panthers they eat once a day, and which one look in better shape.
It is not the quantity you eat or the quantity of time which make the champion, but the quality and not whatever the quantity of time you eat, my body is cleaver enough to know when I should eat, he let me know by sending signals. HE TELL ME SERGE YOU HAVE TO EAT. Then I believe in my body, I listen to him I EAT, My body does not listen to any article or scientist to tell him when to eat. You think that science knows more about your body that your body itself?...Listen to yourself before to listen to others.
I eat so much in one meal that I don’t need to eat 6/8 times a day, I leave that to those who don't have a big appetite."


 30.) "Come to eat with me, I am sure that you will not able to eat 3 times a day, I prove that in California with some friend and now they know what that mean eating. I used to have contest eating with some friends of my gym, the one who eat less pay the food for 1O peoples next time. I was always the winner, because I did not want to cook for those big 10 body builders. We weigh ourself before and after eating, generally my weight was up of 10 to 12 pounds more. So go to eat 2 or 3 hours after."


31.) "In some way yes, because I never used supplements, but my mother food."

32.)  "...but I think that I have to adapt this intensity training, because I was a very powerfull eater too. So it is why I always said that this training is reserve for people who can eat."