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Clarence Ross (October 26, 1923 – April 30, 2008) was a bodybuilder from the United States.Ross was born in Oakland, California on October 26, 1923, the second of the four children of Hershel Ross, a teamster, and his wife Jeannette Levi. His mother died when he was young, so he grew up in a series of foster homes. He started weight training at age 17, weighing 135 pounds at a height of 5'10". He was motivated by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to enlist in the Air Force, which he did on October 31, 1942 at San Francisco, and was then stationed in Las Vegas. Around this time he married his wife.

In 1945, Ross won the AAU Mr. America contest in Los Angeles. After this success, he started to appear on the covers of popular physique magazines such as Your Physique, Iron Man, Muscle Power, and Health and Strength. After leaving the service in November, 1945, Ross opened a gym in Alameda, California.

On March 13, 1948, Ross won the Mr. USA contest in Los Angeles ahead of the 1947 Mr. America, Steve Reeves. Ross attempted to defend his title in 1949, but placed second to John Grimek. However, he finished ahead of Steve Reeves, becoming one of only two men to beat Reeves twice (along with Grimek).

Ross died on April 30, 2008.


Below is an early workout routine that Clancy Ross used:

Old Clany Ross workout


Clancy Ross on magazine cover


Below is another workout from Clancy Ross:


From an issue of "Muscle Builder" from 1952.


This was the routine that Ross gave to anyone who wanted to add 10 pounds of good muscle and strength quickly and once you see it, it's not hard to see why:


EXERCISE No. 1 - Wide Grip Bench Press


 * Clancy recommends pausing at the chest but also using a bit of body english on the way up although only to the extent that it allows you to lift heavier weights


EXERCISE No. 2 - The Bent-Arm Lateral Raise


 * This is not a pumping exercise, use all the weight you can handle and make sure to pause at the top


EXERCISE No. 3 - Bent Over Roawing


 * Bend at the waist and lift the bar until it touches the chest, lower under control


EXERCISE No. 4 - Dumbbell Shrug


 *Pull the Dumbbells as high as possible "to the ears" is the goal


EXERCISE No. 5 - Repetition Clean to Shoulders


 * The "tough part" of the workout according to Clancy


Exercise No. 6 - Barbell Squats


 * No surprises here, any "bulking" routine will always contain barbell squats


EXERCISE No. 7 - The Hack Lift


 * Stand on a 1-inch board and lift the barbell behind you   


EXERCISE No. 8 - The Deadlift


 * Grab the bar, lift, repeat


In the article Ross also recommends getting plenty of good food and an extra hour of sleep at night.


Clancy Ross lifting pilar


Clancy Ross posing


Clancy Ross side chest pose